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Bee Gees Days is about everything Bee Gees and the fabulous Gibb Brothers.

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[Archive 1968] "BEEGEEBOPPERS!" - Portraits of the young Bee Gees (Valentine Pop 69)

Eメール 印刷

from Valentine Pop 69
<Click to enlarge>


From Valentine Pop 69, this is about the very young Bee Gees as seen by then secretary of the official Bee Gees' fan club in London. 

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Barry Gibb's incredible response to a fan's request

Eメール 印刷

She just gotta get a message to Barry Gibb…


Pretty Alexis Perry from the U.S. is 17-years old and has been a big fan of Barry Gibb and Bee Gees as long as she can remember.

The music and career of Bee Gees and Barry Gibb have inspired her to be an actress, and she has long been dreaming of meeting Barry in person.  But because she is working so hard to excel in her chosen field, she has "no time to date"!  With her senior prom approaching, she thought she would ask the man of her dreams to be her escort, and, at the advice of her friends, tweeted her video message to Barry.

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{March 1972} Bee Gees arriving in and leaving Japan

Eメール 印刷

The "historical" moment of the Bee Gees goint through the Arrival gate at Tokyo International Airport


On March 28, 1972, after a hectic week-long stay in Japan, the Bee Gees left for Kuala Lumpur, next stop for their 1972 Trafalgar tour.

Back then there were no digital cameras or iPhones.  Even cameras with flashlights were mostly out of reach of their mainly teenage fan base.  So please be warned that most of the photos taken during the tour, in particular, the indoor shots of their late evening arrival in Japan, were rather blurry.

From top to bottom, the photos are:

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45 years ago today - Bee Gees first ever Japanese dates

Eメール 印刷

Bee Gees in Tokyo (March 1972)
<Click to enlarge>


45 years ago today, March 23, 1972, the Bee Gees did their very first concert in Japan, playing to a capacity audience in Tokyo.

On the right is the first page from a 3-page article on the Bee Gees in Tokyo from the May 1972 issue of  "Monthly Stereo."  The other two pages are about their Tokyo press conference, March 22, and a full page shot of the three brothers singing around one microphone during their first Tokyo concert respectively. 

The photos on the right shows Barry on March 24 at Budokan, and Robin and Maurice both from the first concert on March 23.  You can barely see the back of Robin prancing in his grey vest behind Maurice.

After the Bee Gees went home, the April/May issues of music papers and magazines here came out with feature articles and photos from their first Japanese tour.  A near exhaustive list of such is available in this article

As previously mentioned, most of the press was about the first half of their stay in Tokyo, and not much information is available about their two concerts in Osaka.  What little material we have now was recorded or photographed by ardent fans and survived in the hands of collectors.

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