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Bee Gees Days is about everything Bee Gees and the fabulous Gibb Brothers.

  In the Now - The Japanese edition of Barry Gibb's new album now on sale (Blu-spec CD2)
Also on sale In the Now [12 inch Analog]

Barry Gibb "Virtural live Q&A" (August 20, 2016 in Miami)

  "Saved by the Bell - Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970" with a booklet of lyrics

The Japanese edition of "50 St. Catherine's Drive" by Robin Gibb with the exclusive bonus track 'All That I Cherish'

                               Thanks: Warner Music Japan
Thanks: Sony Music Japan
Thanks: Universal Music Japan

Special thanks: Barry & Robin Gibb



Happy birthday, Robin & Maurice Gibb!

Eメール 印刷

We would have loved to see you
growing older with every passing year


Happy birthday、Robin & Maurice Gibb!

Robin and Maurice Gibb, a.k.a. the Bee Gees twins, would be 67 today.

We used to lie there under the stars
We used to make believe they were ours
This was the love we thought could never die
("The Long Goodbye" by

Barry Gibb)


So set your eyes on
The distant horizon
We think of each other
This time of the year
So the autumn is the sping time
And the winter is summer

And the end of the rainbow is here
("End of the Rainbow" by Barry Gibb)


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Bee Gees Capitol deal - Press release

Eメール 印刷

Billboard article (dated November 29, 2016)
reporting the Bee Gees/Captiol deal


As reported before, the Bee Gees signed a global long-term deal with Capitol/Universal.  Here is the complete press release issued on November 29, 2016:


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Bee Gees' back catalogue signed with Capitol/Universal

Eメール 印刷

Bee Gees' homecoming to Capitol/Universal


Bee Gees' back catalogue is going to Capitol under a new global deal.

With the deal with Warner Music expiring in December 2016, there have been various speculations as to where the massive back catalogue would be heading.  According to Billboard (online edition dated November 29, 2016) and Music Business Worldwide(online edition dated November 29, 2016), a global deal has been signed and the legendary catalogue is now in the hands of Universal's Capitol Records.

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”Stayin' Alive" soundwave art SIGNED BY ROBIN GIBB for fundraiser

Eメール 印刷

'Stayin' Alive' soundwave art hand signed by Robin Gibb


The soundwave art of the Bee Gees' iconic hit 'Stayin' Alive' hand signed by Robin Gibb is for sale for worthy causes

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