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Bee Gees Days is about everything Bee Gees and the fabulous Gibb Brothers.

NEW! BEE GEES EARLY YEARS BEST 1963-1966 - 27 early Bee Gees songs from the Australian period, remastered, with lyrics.
In the Now - The Japanese edition of Barry Gibb's new album now on sale (Blu-spec CD2)
Also on sale In the Now [12 inch Analog]

Barry Gibb "Virtural live Q&A" (August 20, 2016 in Miami)

  "Saved by the Bell - Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970" with a booklet of lyrics

The Japanese edition of "50 St. Catherine's Drive" by Robin Gibb with the exclusive bonus track 'All That I Cherish'

                               Thanks: Warner Music Japan
Thanks: Sony Music Japan
Thanks: Universal Music Japan

Special thanks: Barry & Robin Gibb



Barry Gibb recording with Keith Urban?

Eメール 印刷

Following Jason Isbell, Keith Urban now stated that he was in the recording studio with Barry Gibb!

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Barry Gibb recording with Jason Isbell?

Eメール 印刷

Jason Isbell with Sir Barry Gibb!
(from Jason Isbell's Instagram)


Jason Isbell, arguably one of the finest singer-songwriters of alternative country and four-time Grammy winner posted the following (and the photo!) on his Instagram on August 14th, which started the whole world talking!

Today I got to sing with Barry Gibb. It was a great honor, and also terrifying because in order to sing with Barry Gibb, you have to sing. With Barry Gibb. At one point I had the high harmony part. He was standing right in front of me. Sir Barry Gibb. 


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{From the archives - 1968} Bee Gees talk to a reporter in New York, March 1968

Eメール 印刷

Bee Gees from Flip, 1968

<Click to enlarge>


In the late 1960s, the five-piece Bee Gees, with Robin and Maurice Gibb still in their teens, were literally teen idols.  As such, they were extensively featured on the cover and pin-up pages of teen magazines in the U.K., States, and Europe - across the world for that matter.

This article, from a 1968 issue of U.S. teen magazine "Flip," is about their visit to the U.S.  They were in New York to do the Ed Sullivan Show.   Though this is but a short article, it gives us a glimpse of the Bee Gees to be in the years to come, with Barry, who would move to Florida in the decade that followed, already talking about his love of the sun, and Robin, who spent his free time during the Japanese tour, watching Japanese TV although he did not understand a word of it, revealing his interest in the small screen.   

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{From the archives - March 2, 1978} Bee Gees as the "Hottest record act in America"

Eメール 印刷
From Globe-Democrat (March 2, 1978)

In March 1978, Robert Hilburn, music critic for Los Angeles Times spoke to Al Coury, then President of RSO Records, about the Bee Gees as the hottest record act in the U.S.A.

Here's a quick summary:

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