Bee Gees Days

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{From the archives - March 2, 1978} Bee Gees as the "Hottest record act in America"

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From Globe-Democrat (March 2, 1978)

In March 1978, Robert Hilburn, music critic for Los Angeles Times spoke to Al Coury, then President of RSO Records, about the Bee Gees as the hottest record act in the U.S.A.

Here's a quick summary:

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Barry Gibb to headline Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic

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Miami Herald announcing Barry's appearance in the forthcoming gala
(The photo of Barry from March 16, 2015)


Barry Gibb will appear at Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic Gala this coming November!

Miami Herald (online edition dated July 16, 2019) and the USTA website (dated July 16, 2019, etc. reported that Barry Gibb will headline a gala event to be held at Boca Raton Resort & Club on Saturday, November 23.

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Every day is an anniversary of missing you.

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  Robin Gibb - In our eyes you'll always be

 "In our eyes you will always be."  -- Robin Gibb in Japan, September 1973.

{Bee Gees Days}


Samantha Gibb's "Earth Day" song

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Samantha and Laz doing the Earth Day song

In order to commemorate the Earth Day 2019, Samantha Gibb and Laz Rodriguez did a great music video together.  Enjoy!

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{From the archives - March 1972} Bee Gees' 1st press conference in Tokyo from a tabloid

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March 1972 - A tabloid report from the first press conference
given by the Bee Gees


March 1972 - Bee Gees were in Japan for the first time.  Here is a  short tabloid report about their first ever press conference in Tokyo.

Because the film "Melody" was such a huge hit in Japan in 1972, the article referred to them as "Bee Gees known for the film Melody." 

The Bee Gees known for the film "Melody" are touring Japan and gave a press conference at Tokyo Hilton on 22nd.

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