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Official bio for Robin Gibb's "50 St. Catherine's Drive"

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Robin Gibb (2010)

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Work has been in progress for the Japanese release of Robin Gibb's forthcoming solo album.  Everything from the artwork to liner notes has arrived, and we are checking and re-checking before it all goes to print.

The official biography of Robin Gibb for the 2014 release has also arrived for you to read: 

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A Tale of Two Robins: When Robin Gibb Met Robin Williams

Eメール 印刷

Two wonderful Robins

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On August 11, 2014, the news of the sudden, tragic death of Robin Willams shocked the world.  That he hanged himself after a lengthy battle with depression seems to suggest that the gentleness and sensitivity that exuded from his comedic onscreen presence must have been a witness to the depth of his emotions and vulnerability.  Like Maurice Gibb, who was the "authorized comic" of the Bee Gees, Williams reportedly suffered from alcoholism, too.

Although it is not widely known, another great, funny Robin, Robin Gibb, was also a great admirer of Robin Williams. Robin Gibb loved comedies, and he appreciated Williams' body of work very much.

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