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Andy Gibb - Eternally In Our Hearts

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Andy Gibb (March 5, 1958 - March 10, 1988)

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On the 31st anniversary of Andy Gibb's passing, a friend visited his resting place at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills and sent us these photos.

The inscription reads:

March 5, 1958 - March 10, 1988




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From archive: Bee Gees joined Andy Gibb onstage in Miami (1978)

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Bee Gees joined Andy Gibb onstage (1978)
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During the height of Andy Gibb's career, the Bee Gees were oh-so in demand.  So the four of them performed together onstage on very few occasions.  Here is one of them.

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"Oh, brother, you're famous!" says Andy Gibb (1969)

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Andy Gibb, age 11, with Barry Gibb (1969)
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The article from Fabulous 208 (April 19, 1969) states that "Barry's staunchest fan is without doubt his eleven-year-old broher Andy.  They are a decade apart in age, but in fact are very close."

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Andy Gibb's last interview: "I'm such a lucky guy" (1988)

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Andy Gibb with Barbara and Michael Gibb
at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (1987)

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Weeks before his sudden and premature death, Andy Gibb went flying with journalist Malcolm Balfour over Biscayne Bay in Florida.  Here's a summary from the latter's portrayal of Andy Gibb as he was shortly after Christmas 1987, which was featured in the People magazine.

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From archive: "Andy Gibb: By Andy Gibb" (1978)

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Andy Gibb (1978)
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Here's "Tiger Beat Lifeline" from the November 1978 issue of Tiger Beat, which was filled out by Andy.


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