Bee Gees Days

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Home English Section Archives (EN) [from December 1978] Bee Gees amid-Fever & pre-Spirits

[from December 1978] Bee Gees amid-Fever & pre-Spirits

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from "Rona Barrett's Hollywood" (December 1978)


While the Fever burned white hot, this short piece was in December 1978 issue of "Rona Barrett's Hollywood."  (Wonder if the magazine still exists?  Probably not.)

In those days, the media was full of Bee Gees from mainstream biggies like "Time" and "Newsweek" to gossip and tabloid papers.


Despite the astounding success of their Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, the Bee Gees are being plaqued by "creative pressures" left and right!  With upcoming new album, they want to prove their popularity isn't a "fluke."

The "upcoming new album," of course, is "Spirits Having Flown."  Their music was truly excellent, and their popularity was no fluke or hype.  They had every reason to be popular.  However, I suspect over exposure had something to do with the soon-to-be backlash.

from "Rona Barrett's Hollywood" (December 1978)


Incidentally, there was a small piece about Bonnie "Seven Waves Away" Tyler in the same page, which reads: Being dubbed "female Rod Stewart"  might be an insult to some women rockers, but Bonnie Tyler is mucho pleased with that moniker!

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